Chicken posers

Chickens in the studio add another demension to the way we think about ourselves as photographers and consumers of food. Eggs for me, the flesh of the chicken for others.


I wanted to share this image of the chickens 'posing' for the camera. This is not a Photoshop composit.


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In May of 2011, I traveled to Austria to visit Christine and Jon Saari's farm in Gruenburg. While there, I conducted visual and archival research for my Food for Life Portfolio and my dissertation on the influences of Kodak and Agfa advertising on the practices of personal and fine art photography.

Here, Barbara is making a traditional vegatable strudel. It was magical to see her work with this food. She says, "preparing food is like making art." And the tasting proved her theories completely true.


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January 16, 2012

I continue to work on the revisions for the chapters of my dissertation as I prepare for my oral defense in just a few weeks. The work is mind crushing, yet rewarding nonetheless.

Also filling the free spaces in my brain between the paragraphs and citations are thoughts of adding more depth to the Food For Life Photography Project.  On Saturday I photographs a women with her favorite egg laying chickens. The studio was waft with chicken droppings and feathers, yet, the excitement for all of us carried the day.

Images to follow soon…