Christine Garceau Fine Art

Christine is an Assistant Professor of Photography at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming.  She moved from the south shore of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula were she was inspired to dedicate her creative energy to the enrichment of photographic education. Christine taught Black and White, Color, and Portfolio Development classes at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan for ten years before entering the Ph.D. program in Rhetoric and Technical Communication at Michigan Technological University full-time. In 2010, as a Graduate Assistant at Michigan Technological University, she conceptualized and implemented a new digital photography course in for the Humanities Department in their new Humanities Digital Media Zone.

Christine completed her  Ph.D. at MTU in March, 2012. Her dissertation, Interrogating the Spaces of Personal Photography: Women, Identity, and the Cultural Formation of Photographic Practice, examines the effects of photographic production in the hybrid spaces that arise when  personal and fine art photography perform together in the public shpere of museums, galleries, and the open access spaces that are posted on the Internet.